Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Mahn‑ und Gedenkstätte Ravensbrück

Zofia Pociłowska-Kann (1920 - 2019) Sculptures

‘Szukam od dawna tego głębokiego związku między człowiekiem i jego ojczyzną—

ziemią, w kontynuacji wspólnych dziejów, w prawidłowym procesie przemijania i



‘I have long sought this deep connection between people and their homeland, the earth, in the continuation of a shared history, in the orderly process of decay and growth.’


An exhibition by the Ravensbrück Memorial/Brandenburg Memorials Foundation in cooperation with the Department of Art and Visual History, Chair of the Art History of Eastern Europe of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

April 2021–October 2022

Contributions of the students of the Humboldt University Berlin and further information

Exhibition venue "garage yard"

Zofia Pociłowska (Theresa Mack)

Zofia Pociłowska-Kann. Sculptures(Constance Krüger)

Questions about the artworks: Invitation to participatory contemplation(Mona Horst)

Blossoming Breast of the Earth (Birth of the Earth) (Urszula Sadkowska-Petryszyn)

Flower (Urzula Sadkowska-Petryszyn)

Picasso (Simon Bichler)

Romeo and Juliet

Expectation (Theresa Mack)

Breasts of the Earth (Kirsten Leow)

Faces from the Past (Marie Holthaus, Felicitas Pfuhl, Loui Schlecht)


Exhibition venue "former textile workshop"

Miniatures (Hanna Freundenberger)

Poems (Joy von Wienskowski)

Pietà (Karolin Wiegers)


Obelisk in Honour of the Victims of Pawiak Prison (Miguel de Andrade)


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