Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Mahn‑ und Gedenkstätte Ravensbrück

Visitor Service

A system of information panels in German and English guides visitors around the memorial's extensive grounds. The panels mark buildings of historical importance and other sites relevant to the history of the Ravensbrück camp complex and point out the Memorial's exhibitions. Since 2014, this has been supplemented by audio guides in multiple languages.

The memorial sees itself as an "open place of learning". Its Educational Services offer a wide range of guided tours on various specific topics. These tours take 90 minutes and are available by prior arrangement only.

So-called Project Days (duration: at least four hours) as well as seminars running over several days at the International Youth Meeting Centre offer a closer examination of individual topics.

These seminars for teenagers or adults on the history of the Ravensbrück concentration camp or on other related topics (if arranged beforehand) may include “inquiry-based learning” projects at the Memorial’s collections, the topical use of new media as well as active media projects.

Class- and seminar rooms for projects in collaboration with schools or other educational institutions are available at the International Youth Meeting Centre.

The international work camps, held during the summer months, combine historical learning with practical work on the historical site.

The Educational Services staff will be happy to discuss a group’s visit beforehand in order to adapt programmes to meet their target groups’ requirements. Please book your group visits at least six weeks in advance, either by phone (+49 33093 608-185) or by e-mail (

The Ravensbrück International Youth Meeting Centre / Youth Hostel has modern seminar rooms complete with video equipment and computers and offers various additional recreational activities. It is suitable for projects or seminars running over several days as well as conferences.